Class Officers Announced, Ahern Looking Forward to “Wonderful Senior Year”

Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

On Wednesday, June 3, the class officers for the 2015-2016 school year were announced. Each grade has a designated president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer who all play an important role in the running of class events, fundraisers, and other activities with the assistance of their class advisor.

Class of 2016

Senior Class Vice President Matt Kirslis (left) and Senior Class President Mike Ahern (right) before the 2015 Junior Prom have already started plans for next year's big event.

Senior class vice president, Matt Kirslis (left) and senior class president, Mike Ahern before the 2015 Junior Prom have already started plans for next year’s big event.

President: Mike Ahern
Vice President: Matt Kirslis
Secretary: Zach Pransky
Treasurer: Sean Carney

This year, upcoming senior, Mike Ahern, will be President of the Class of 2016. He, along with his fellow officers, have a lot in mind for their class and are ensuring successful fundraisers and a memorable prom.

“In order to help to make prom decisions easy, we as class officers have selected a group of people who all belong to different groups of friends. [These students] will pool together their thoughts and ideas for prom so we can have the best night possible and everyone will enjoy it,” says Ahern, “It is my hope that this prom committee will be the powerhouse behind our fundraising machine. If this works as planned, ultimately we will reach our goals for next year.”

Ahern and the Class of 2016 officers are hoping to decrease the cost of prom tickets by way of creative fundraisers and collaborative work amongst the senior class.

“We are hoping to do about one fundraiser per month to maximize our profits for the year,” says Sean Carney who will be the Treasurer of the Class of 2016 for his fourth year.

Other than working on plans for prom, Ahern is looking forward to some other aspects of the upcoming year.

“One thing in particular that I am excited about involving the upcoming school year is definitely just being a senior,” says Ahern, “Underclassmen look up to seniors and their leadership and it is up to us to set a good example for them, especially for the incoming freshmen who are settling into high school. It is cool to know that people look up to us and our advice means something to someone.”

Finally, Ahern would like to give the Class of 2016 some advice as senior year approaches, “Class of 2016, it is important to remember that when it comes to fundraising we must have an all hands on deck type of approach. If you have any fundraising ideas don’t be afraid to talk to one of your class officers!”

“That being said, I just want to say that I can’t wait to have a wonderful senior year with all of you guys. Remember we still have one full year left of high school so finish strong and don’t slack off because, as [RHS math teacher] Mr. [Craig] Johnson says, ‘the lesson is free here but next year when you go off to college it will cost you thousands of dollars!'”

Class of 2017
President: Kaylee Patten
Vice President: Colleen McCarthy
Secretary: Shawn Ward
Treasurer: Julia DiCienzo

Upcoming junior, Kaylee Patten will be the President of the Class of 2017. Like Ahern and the seniors, Patten already has ideas for next year in the works.

“This is probably a thing many girls say about becoming an upperclassman, but I’m excited to [not only] be able to go to prom next year but also be able to help plan it,” says Patten, “This upcoming school year I hope will be fun and successful, and alongside the vice president, treasurer, and secretary, I plan on being the best I can be for the Class of 2017.”

While making the transition from underclassmen to upperclassmen, Patten hopes to make the Class of 2017’s junior year memorable and involve her graduating class in activities to benefit her grade and the community.

Class of 2018

From left to right: Class Secretary, Izzy Uong, Class President, Aiden Glennon, Class Vice President, Macie Jones, and Class Treasurer, Sean Sugrue have ideas for fundraisers in the works.

From left to right: Izzy Uong, Aiden Glennon, Macie Jones, and Sean Sugrue have ideas for fundraisers in the works.

President: Aiden Glenneon
Vice President: Macie Jones
Secretary: Izzy Gong
Treasurer: Sean Sugrue

Re-elected Class of 2018 President, Aiden Glennon, with both a year of high school and a year of class officer experience under his belt, is getting ready to start off sophomore year strong.

With help from his class officers, Glennon already has the first fundraiser for the Class of 2018 planned and ready to go for the upcoming school year.

“We’re going to sell sweatpants. We already have the design,” says Glennon, “Our goal was to sell them this year but I wasn’t able to get it done in practical timing since I was learning the process for the first time.”

Now that he has the process down Glennon is looking to reach out to his classmates, “My goal for sophomore year is to make more money than we did this year. I don’t know the final totals yet, so I have no concrete idea of how it tough that goal will be. But I want to get everyone fundraising in order to accomplish it.”

Overall, Glennon is more than ready for the upcoming year and is “excited to see the school from a perspective other than being the babies.” He is also looking forward to watching the upcoming freshmen take a similar path as he did and “come out of their shells.”


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