Senior Cook-Out a Success

Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

On Friday, May 22, the annual Senior Class cook-out was held. After a difficult year for Rockland High School, and especially the Class of 2015 this year’s Senior Week outing was a special one for students. Organized by Nancy Borden and with help from parent volunteers and local businesses and restaurants, this year’s cook-out was one of the biggest ones yet.

Following a busy week of CPR training, a presentation from Harbor One, and discussions with Rockland police officers the seniors were ready to wrap up their week. The 99 Restaurant and Dominos Pizza reached out to Borden expressing interest in sponsoring the senior cook-out. Students were able to share a nice lunch with their peers, try their best at the dunk tank, and left with gift bags that included items such as: a drawstring backpack, a Dunkin Donuts gift card, a T.J. Maxx gift card, a water bottle, a movie pass, glasses, and a coupon for the local Lisa’s Hair Design.  The Rockland community really came together once again to provide this for the seniors.

After seeing students enjoy themselves so much Borden is looking forward to the coming years, “We should have this type of celebration every year!”


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  1. rhsprincipal

    Reblogged this on rhsprincipal and commented:
    Nancy Borden rocks! The way you, the parents, and the community put this BBQ together was inspiring. The joy on the seniors faces made being dunked in the dunk tank almost worth it! Almost…

    Looking at these pictures, can’t you hear the soundtrack playing in the back “Everything is awesome!!!!”

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