Faces of Rockland


“We are all immigrants,” says Susan Patton, Alternative Program Director at Rockland High School.

Mrs. Patton along with English teacher, Kendra Donovan and their students in the Transitions class are creating a project called Faces of Rockland.

The project, supported by a grant from the Rockland Education Foundation, is “dedicated to exploring the history of Rockland, and the journeys that brought its residents here,” according to the group’s Facebook page.

Their discoveries will be going into a book and documentary to be published in the spring.

The producers are searching for Rockland residents who have immigrated to the town in the past three generations who are willing to share their stories or the stories of their relatives.

“This would be for those families that can trace their heritage back to coming to this country, whether one, two, or three generations ago, and know the story of their arrival,” explains Mrs. Patton.

The Transitions class would like to interview fifteen or more people in the upcoming weeks.

If you are interested in the project or know someone who would be willing to be interviewed, contact Mrs. Patton at Rockland High School at spatton@rocklandschools.org or go to their website for more information.







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