Turkey Toss



RHS seniors Leshon Crawford and John Kamande participated in their second straight ‘Turkey Toss” hosted by Kiss 108 FM in the parking lot of the Meadow Glen Mall in Medford. The storyline was the same as last year: gloomy. The weather, the location, and performance all complied with this.

As Kamande was throwing, the turkey slipped form his hands, creating a “knuckle ball” effect and making for a near impossible catch for Crawford. No one can blame Kamande for the miscue, however, due to the slight rainfall, the 7 AM start, and the fact that the turkey was upwards of 30 pounds.

Whether in jubilation or in disappointment, the boys represented Rockland High in a highly publicized event, one that was broadcast live on the radio, and represented the school very well as they always do. The Turkey Toss consists of two athletes (usually football players) from 8 schools, selected by the station that are considered honorable in the high school football ranks, making it even more special that Rockland has been invited the past two years.

Like on the gridiron, the boys from Everett High School dominate this event, winning the event for the fourth straight year.


Video of Leshon Crawford’s drop was recorded by Kristen Walsh who accompanied Crawford and Kamande to the Meadow Glen Mall.






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