Hallways & Runways: Up and Coming Designers Launch at BFW Kickoff

From left to right: Dominique Quinque, Maryanne Meservey, Jeffrey Dickerson, Chynna Pope, and Ty Sinnet. (Photos by Tracy Aiguier from The Launch Facebook page.)

From left to right: Dominique Quinque, Maryanne Meservey, Jeffrey Dickerson, Chynna Pope, and Ty Sinnet. (Photos by Tracy Aiguier from The Launch Facebook page.)

Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor

On Sunday, Oct. 6, Boston Fashion Week, established in 1995 by Jay Calderin, officially began with the introduction of five new, up and coming fashion designers at the W Boston hotel.

The Launch is an annual event that showcases young designers, who each must be a recent graduate of a local fashion design program. This year Jeffrey Dickerson, Chynna Pope, Dominique Quinque, and Ty Sinnet represented the School of Fashion Design and Maryanne Meservey represented Mount Ida College.

As guests took their seats – all of which were front row thanks to the unique setup of the catwalk- they got a preview of what they were to expect with small videographies of each designer provided by Bearwalk films. Following the short films viewers were exposed to a show that had a little bit for everyone no matter their taste or personal style.

Dickerson’s collection was feminine and elegant featuring many rosettes and an extravagant black and silver ball gown as the finale look.

“I want someone to wear one of my designs and feel like their life is a performance,” he says in the Bearwalk video.

Pope showcased a collection that was as edgy as it was sophisticated with fluid white materials and leather. Her finale look was a black dress with a leather bustier top and a long pleated skirt.

“I am passionate about creating garments for the ever evolving characters in one’s life,” says Pope in the Bearwalk video, “My life is all about the adventure, and my designs are all about creating garments to wear for each of the events and each of the adventures.”

Quinque’s collection featured ensembles with intricate detailing and class. A standout piece was a silver-gray jacket and pant combo.

“What I really like to do is to incorporate intriguing details using unexpected techniques to create beauty that is subtle and has an element of surprise,” says Quinque in the video.

Sinnet showed pieces with bold prints and color, including a look made up of a flowing patterned skirt and crop top.

Sinnet loved fashion from a young age. “I remember when I was in fifth grade my grandfather got me a pair of high heeled shoes and it was like the best moment of my life,” she explains in the Bearwalk video, “They were completely impractical but I loved them.”

Meservey used her unique eco-friendly aesthetic and created a collection with punk influences made out of recycled clothing. Recycled dress shirts were a common textile used throughout her looks.

“I call my my line eco-punk,” says Meservey in the video, “It’s based off trends but something that’s more eternal than just a trend.”

Joining the impressive list of Launch alumni, these five young designers created a unique opening to Boston Fashion Week’s 20th anniversary.

To watch the Bearwalk videos please click here.


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