Mr. Rockland Competition Oct. 23

Mike McCauley performs during the 2012cMr. Rockland.

Mike McCauley performs during the 2012 Mr. Rockland competition.

Tim Sullivan, Veritas Staff

As we kick off the 2014-15 school year the question arises, “Who will be Mr. Rockland?”

The question will be answered when six seniors take the stage in the annual Mr. Rockland contest, sponsored by the Student Government Council.

With this year’s cast of characters, Pearse McNally, Leshon Crawford, Eddie Yeadon, Andrew Frazer, and Chris Landy, it’s sure to be a close race for Mr. Rockland.

In years past one part of the competition was improvisation. However, this year they have replaced that with dancing. For the dancing competition all the contestants will be on stage and a series of songs of all different types of music will be played. The contestants will have to put on their best dance moves for each song. This new part of the contest was the decision of SGC Finance and Fundraising Chair, Lexie Carchedi and SGC advisor, Kristen Walsh, who will be running this year’s Mr. Rockland.

Due to the unexpected prom request by last year’s Mr. Rockland, Derek Crowe, contestants are advised they will be automatically disqualified if they ask anyone to the prom.

Left to right the 2013 Mr. Rockland candidates: Gerard Saucier, Brian Leonard, Chris Catania, Jake Mesheau and Derek Crowe

Left to right the 2013 Mr. Rockland candidates: Gerard Saucier, Brian Leonard, Chris Catania, Jake Mesheau and Derek Crowe

One of the contestants, Pearse McNally, was asked why he signed up. He replied, “It’s been expected of me.” Looking ahead to winning the event,  he said, “Obviously the Chipotle gift card would be swag and so would front row parking.” But, McNally  says, he believes that everyone is a threat and there is so much talent this year.

Another RHS favorite who will be running is Andrew Frazer. He has one thing on his mind when it comes to winning and one thing only: “Be better than everyone else.” Looking back at past Mr. Rocklands Frazer said, “Mike McCauley’s performance a couple years ago [was the best] because of him playing a ukulele and him dressing up in a coconut bra.”  Since Andrew has been known to be a good singer from Rockland High’s own production of High School Musical should we be expecting a lyrical performance in a funky outfit?

Eddie Yeadon says he is eager to get up on stage for the first time. Yeadon says he signed up for Mr. Rockland “because I want to win.” With this motivation, there is no telling what he could have planned for the night.

Judges for the event will be Mr. Casagrande, Mr. Damon, Mr. MacAllister, and Ms McDonough.

The Mr. Rockland competition will be held  Thursday, Oct. 23 in the auditorium.  Tickets are $5 and will be sold at the door. Don’t miss it!



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