Students inspired at AP Kick Off Rally

Mike Leavitt, Veritas Staff

The Advanced Placement Kick Off Rally held on September 10 in the RHS auditorium was a huge success.  Students from all classes attended. Among the speakers were Principal Alan Cron, Senator John F. Keenan, Superintendent John Retchless, and Mass Insight spokesperson, Jeff Mahoney.  Each speaker expressed how they feel about students leaving their comfort zone and trying something new that will challenge them.  With Keenan’s well spoken speech, Retchless’ power and Mahoney’s spirit and motivation it was hard not to pay attention.  The highlight of the assembly, however, was the dazzling Ms. Sam Hoyo, science department coordinator, who made a fashion statement along with her sincere words of encouragement that everyone should take an AP class before they leave RHS.

Ms. Sam Hoyo demonstrates her enthusiasm at the AP Rally

Ms. Sam Hoyo demonstrates her enthusiasm at the AP Rally

Rockland High School’s Advanced Placement scores will end up skyrocketing in these next couple years.  As of right now RHS has a student challenging himself to the limit by taking an AP course as a freshman.  This takes a lot of time and effort, and at such a young age this student has taken it upon himself to mature, realizing that hard work in the classroom leads to a successful life.

But the number one reason why RHS will end up at the top of the AP scores is because of how hard the teachers work and how much they care for their students.  It’s a fact that if you ask them a question you better believe they are going to do everything in their power to answer that question because they care about your future.

From a senior’s point of view, many are a little envious of all these opportunities that are now being provided.  It’s hoped that the underclassmen will take advantage of them.



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