Senior Issues a valuable conclusion to the year


Left to right: Jackie Carlson, Erin Mulready, Brian Leonard, Sarah Laleme practice their adult CPR. Photo by Georgia Panagiotidis

by Mitchell Ryan, Veritas Staff

Once the seniors had completed their final day of classes on May 23, they still had one more requirement to complete in order to graduate: Senior Issues. This is a two day program to help prepare the seniors for their new life as adults outside of high school.

In the course of the two days of Senior Issues, the seniors learned many new skills. Senior Sami Davis says the most important thing she took out of Senior Issues was the life saving skill of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR for short, along with the Heimlich Maneuver. There was also a melanoma screening to raise awareness of the sun’s ability to cause cancer. A self-defense class was also taught to the girls if the situation ever arose where they needed to protect themselves. A class for dance had to do with the grand march. Classes on finances were also given.

One could argue that the session on CPR was the most important class. Knowing and being able to perform this technique could mean the difference between life or death for a person in cardiac arrest. When the seniors became certified they learned how to save a life. The seniors also learned how to do CPR on an infant since it is different than performing it on an adult.

Another important session in Senior Issues was a melanoma screening. This shows just how dangerous the sun can be. According to one out of every five people will have skin cancer at some point in their lives. Senior Gabby DerKinderen says, “It definitely made me nervous and more cautious about using tanning beds.” Tanning beds are a big contributor to the skin cancer problem.

The senior girls also took a self defense class. Abby Moore says one important thing she got out of it was that eyes are very vulnerable and are a good area to target if you are being assaulted.

Most seniors would say that Senior Issues was definitely worth their time. Davis says it was worth her time because “it helps you learn many important life skills.” Overall Senior Issues is an important graduation requirement here at RHS and it will serve to be very useful in the new graduates’ lives to come.

Photos from CPR training were taken by Mitchell Ryan and Georgia Panagiotidis


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