Where is the senior prom going to be now?

Alex Peppino, Veritas Sports Editor

Lake View Pavilion burning down on April 5th.

Lake View Pavilion burning down on April 5th. photo from Associated Press

Just the seniors’ luck, their prom venue burned to the ground.

On Saturday, April 5th, whoever watched the news would have learned that the Lakeview Pavilion in Foxborough was completely destroyed by fire. As a wedding was going on, someone decided to smoke a cigarette and throw it into the mulch outside the hall which created flames throughout the whole building. The Pavilion had been booked for the RHS Senior Prom on May 28. The first thing that most seniors thought was “where is our prom going to be?”

Senior Kayla MacNeil said, “I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find another place to have our prom in such a short time.”

Even though there was still a month until prom finding a new venue caused some stress. Luckily, senior Molly Garrity, class president, kept her calm throughout the whole process. She said, “I wasn’t really stressed because our prom is being held on a Wednesday and typically venues don’t hold events mid-week. I started to contact a few places the next day after the fire, and heard back the following week.”

Choices included the Venezia on the Boston waterfront and The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset.

After discussing the choices with the other class officers and class advisor, Sam Hoyo, Garrity decided the new prom venue would be the Red Lion Inn. This is the same venue the seniors  had last year for their junior prom. She said, “I didn’t originally want to do the “same place twice” thing, but it was the most affordable.”


The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset is the new venue for this year’s senior prom. photo by Molly Garrity

She also said, “I would’ve liked to go to the Lakeview Pavillion more just for the change of scenery, but it happens so we’re just going to make the best of it.”

Most of the seniors are not disappointed at all. “The Red Lion Inn venue is beautiful, so it doesn’t bother me that it’s at the same place as last year,” senior Kelsey Joyce said.

To have found another place so quickly is a relief to all involved.  Most seniors agree that even if the prom ended up being in the school gym, the Class of 2014 is going to make the best of one of the last school events they’ll have in high school.

Thankfully everything is now back to normal and all the usual prom preparations are underway for May 28.

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