President Elect Katie DeLorey Welcomed by Current SGC Officers

Haley Macray, Veritas Feature Editor

The Rockland High School Student Government Council (SGC)  is responsible for the majority of community service projects, spirit events, and other leadership focused programs that take place at RHS. The president of the council has many jobs and obligations that they must fulfill including running meetings, creating activities, and maintaining the council overall.

On Wednesday, April 2 at a general meeting, current junior, Katie DeLorey, was elected next year’s SGC President.

DeLorey was president of both her freshman and sophomore class and this year she chaired Rockland’s South Eastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils (SEMASC) committee, planning the spring conference in detail with other board members.

At the beginning of the meeting, prior to the elections, DeLorey gave a speech in which she talked about her experience with SGC and how passionate she is about it.

Toward the end of the meeting, Jackie Carlson, the 2013-2014 council president, announced that DeLorey had won the election and would be taking her place for the next year.

After finding out that she would be president next year DeLorey “was thinking about doing a backflip because [she] was so excited.”

DeLorey has many things that she is looking forward to in the upcoming year.

“Some of the goals I have for next year are to live up to the reputation our council has throughout the nation because we are a gold council,” says DeLorey. “I’d like to get more members involved, have better attendance at the meetings, and to have better communication between everyone.”

She is also excited to watch underclassmen take on larger leadership positions and grow into the leaders that she knows they are throughout the new school year.

Members of this year’s SGC Executive Board only have positive remarks about DeLorey being elected president.

“Over the past couple of years I’ve seen [DeLorey] grow into a true leader. She’s always so vocal at every meeting and always speaks her mind,” says current SGC Treasurer Jon SooHoo. “The SGC President needs to truly embody school spirit and Katie does just that. Her passion for Student Government Council is unparalleled. Her social skills and ability to adapt and work with others make her invaluable. I know she will do great things and I wish her the best of luck.”

Council Secretary, Devin Gilmore and Council Publicity Coordinator, Chris Catania agree that DeLorey will be a successful president next year.

“Katie is the kind of person everyone looks up to, whether in SGC or not,” says Gilmore, “She has always been a valued member of SGC and her commitment never ends.”

“I strongly believe Katie was the right choice for president elect. She was born to lead, and she’ll take good care of what we’ve left behind,” adds Catania.

Although DeLorey is looking forward to her new position on the council’s “Big Five” she will miss this year’s graduating council members.

“I feel like I’ve grown up with that grade,” she says. “I will miss their help and guidance in student government and all they have done for this council.”

DeLorey will be taking her full position as council president following the Student Government banquet on May 7, 2014.


DeLorey puts on a smiling face after the Spring SEMASC Conference is over

President Elect and SEMASC Committee Chair Katie DeLorey welcoming the South Eastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils to Rockland High for their spring conference


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  1. Stephen Sangster

    Congratulates to Katie – she will be an outstanding President.

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