RHS SGC leads region at Spring SEMASC Conference

Meghan Foster, Veritas Staff

Rockland High school had the privilege of hosting their first ever SEMASC (Southeastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils) Spring Conference on April 11. Over 600 students from more than thirty different schools attended this conference.

Sophomore Ryan Sugrue says, “I think this was my favorite SEMASC ever because we hosted it. It was a great opportunity for our council to really show our leadership qualities.”

While students were filing into the auditorium a short dance was performed by Rockland’s executive board and select members who dressed up as characters from popular games. These costumes included squirrels and characters from Mario.

The conference started with opening remarks from RHS Principal Alan Cron, Superintendent of Schools John Retchless, SGC President Jackie Carlson, and SEMASC Chair Katie Delorey.

Cron says, “The way you guys all handled the hundreds of small details was great. You were up and happy and engaged all day… Everyone in the building was so impressed at the fact that there were 600 extra kids in the building and it really was so seamless.”

Following opening remarks, students attended workshops where they learned leadership skills and were able to interact with students from different towns.

Students then went back into the auditorium to listen to election speeches for Delegates, Vice President, Publicity Coordinator and Secretary for the regional SEMASC board. Sophomore Ashley Pezzella, won the spot of one of three delegates for the region.

Pezzella says, “It took a lot of preparation but it was definitely worth it because I have wanted this for so long. It was so amazing to hear my name be called and finally be able to call myself a SEMASC delegate.”

While some students attended a picnic lunch in the gym, others attended a pep rally in which towns were able to show off their best pep rally activities. Rockland High school students taught SEMASC our famous rollercoaster pep rally event.

The conference closed with results of the elections, closing remarks from the old SEMASC Executive Board, and awards.

Overall, students from attending towns were able to bring back new ideas from this conference.

Junior class president Nicole Cook says, “I think that it went really well and everything ran very smoothly. I think everyone had a lot of fun.”


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