Purple Cobras strike again at dodgeball tournament

Photos by Caitlin Yannizzi.

The 2nd Annual Rockland High School Dodgeball Tournament was held on Friday, March 28 to benefit the Stephen P. Sangster Scholarship Fund. The Purple Cobras, defended their title from 2013, despite losing some players to graduation. The event was organized by the National Honor Society.

Nine teams of six players competed, including a team of teachers from Memorial Park Elementary, one from Rogers Middle School, two Rockland High staff teams, and five students teams. Each team needed to have at least two female members.

Sophomore Abby Kinlin, a member of Team Blitzkrieg, faced off alone on the court against seniors Matt Nicholson and Andy Reardon and dodged and ducked across the court to avoid getting hit. She joked that she “feared for her life” and tried to stay in as long as possible.

English teacher Amanda McDonough and math teacher Fred Damon were the officials, and Athletic Director Gary Graziano MC’ed the event.

Graziano said that Principal Alan Cron was the most improved player from last year’s tournament.

“There was question that [Cron] even attended a physical education class in high school, he was so bad. This year we found out that he took a one week vacation and went to a dodgeball camp in upstate Vermont [and] improved his dodgeball skills,” Graziano teased.

While Cron denies the training time, he attributed his improvement to “mental focus and a lot of meditation prior to the start of the match, as well as a lot of emotional support from Mr. Graziano and Mr. Burneika.”

Senior co-captain of the Purple Cobras Nicholson says, “I thought we were better this year because we added Andy and Ally [Cerrato] and RJ [Ryan Johnston].”

Nicholson was surprised by the victory, saying the team didn’t know their final victory was the championship game until it was over and they were declared winners.

Some first time players seemed intimidated by the veterans focus and determination. The teachers from the middle school even arrived with knee pads so they could give it their all on the court without risking injury.

“I am not athletic so it was a struggle,” says English teacher and first time dodgeball participant Kendra Donovan.

Despite her team’s loss, Donovan added, “I enjoyed the event and thought it was fun.


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