Bulldog Nation: Tournament time or all-year round?

By Caitlin Yannizzi

For those students who do not know, our boy’s and girl’s basketball teams along with our hockey team made it to the second round of tournament, and the state championships are being held around the state this week for most sports. Some students from our school are so dedicated and supportive of teams that make it into tournament that they got dismissed from school to see other schools play this week in tournament. When it comes to Spirit Week, a good deal of students complain about not wanting to participate, but when it comes to cheering on their schools teams in tournament, that is a different story.

What is it about tournament games for our school’s sports, that get more people excited and involved? Yes, it is exciting when Rockland High School’s sports teams make it into tournament and it is fun to get hyped and show our spirit, but isn’t that the same thing as showing spirit during a whole week of school?

Spirit Week makes each day of school more fun and perhaps even easier to get through. For others, that is not the case. Maybe it is the fact that it is only one or two days a week that tournament games are held, instead of five days in a row that make people more intrigued to participate. Maybe it is their ability to “show up” the other school’s fans that they are facing, and make our school and school spirit seem much better than theirs.

Spirit Week gives students the opportunity to do just the same things, to show off school spirit and have a little fun before a big event at our school is coming up. It gives people a chance to get their work done in class, but while dressed in a fun and creative way.

There are always a few people who will complain about the days chosen for spirit week, but there is truly no way to please everyone in the school. It is the same fact of the matter for tournament games as well. When students take the initiative to decide what theme they want to go by for tournament games, there must be some who do not agree, but in order to fit in with the crowd, they go along with whatever is picked.

What is it that makes any of this different from spirit week? During Spirit Week, although it may not always take place near tournament games, we are doing what we do to support and show school pride, and athletes are included in this as well. Students take the whole week to dress up and go along with various different themes, and normally end the week with a pep rally, in which we recognize our Special Olympians, and athletes of Rockland High School.

Why do people not put in the same effort into Spirit Week as they do for sports’ tournament games?

It is understandable that some people are more to themselves and are not as outgoing as others and may not like to dress up or participate, and maybe hate rallies. Those types of things are certainly not for everyone.

Just think of how amazing Rockland High School would look if everyone took part in the Spirit Weeks that we have every year. It would mean an great deal to the teams and clubs that are involved with Spirit Week and might not be in tournament, or maybe just kids who do not get that much attention in our school if Bulldog Nation took on the challenge of Spirit Week with as much enthusiasm and participation as they do for sports and tournament games.

The following link will take you to a student produced video on this subject.


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