RHS SGC travels to Hyannis for annual MASC conference

By Abby Kinlin 

March 5th, 6th, and 7th, Student Councils from all across Massachusetts came together in Hyannis, like they do every year, to form the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils, also known as MASC. This three day leadership conference helps selected members of student council bring back ideas that would help their schools and town.

Freshman Adam Royle says, “I expected it to be awesome like everyone said.”

Students attended four workshops intended to help them meet new people and bring together ideas from each town and help spread new fundraisers that would benefit other schools. There was also two keynote speakers, John Beede and Billy Cordes. Both men shared their inspirational stories and taught students how to have fun while helping others and reaching your goals.

Senior Jackie Carlson says, “My favorite part is bonding with our council.”There was also a banquet to recognize all the outstanding work individuals and councils have done throughout the year. Sophomore Caitlin Yannizzi raised over five hundred dollars for the first ever MASC Polar Plunge to raise money for the special olympics. Those donations made her the third most successful fundraiser out of all students in attendance.

Yannizzi says, “It felt good to have raised as much money as i did for such a great cause.”

At the end of the three days, students left for their own towns to bring back ideas that will help set goals for their student councils and further better their schools.

Senior Brian Leonard says “It makes me depressed that i’m never going to go to one again.”

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