Signing up for courses will begin this month!

A Message from Rockland High School Principal, Dr. Alan Cron

February 5, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The time to select classes for the upcoming 2014-15 school year is upon us.  This year, with help from guidance counselors, students will register for classes online during school using their X2 Aspen student account.  Although course sign-ups will be initiated during school, changes to your son or daughters course selections can be made from home during throughout the registration period (2/24-27) or by contacting the guidance office.

We encourage you to play an active role in this important process.  One way to begin is to sit with your son or daughter and read the “Program of Studies” which is available for download at the RHS Web Page.

Pages 4-7 of the Program of Studies contain especially important details to consider when choosing courses.

Here are a few upcoming deadlines to keep in mind regarding 2014-15 class scheduling:

February 6-10            Guidance counselors visit classes to explain the course selection process to students’grades 8-11

February 14               Teachers finish entering course recommendations into X2

February 24-27          Students enter Course Requests into X2

March 4                     Hard copy of Student Course Requests mailed home for final verification

March 11                   Changes due back from students and parents to RHS guidance on or before March 11

If you have any questions regarding the course selection process or anything related to the Program of Studies, please contact the guidance office at 781-871-8410.  If you have any questions or problems regarding your ASPEN portal, please contact data manager, Sara Hologitas at or by calling the office at 781-871-0541 ext. 1111.

Kind Regards,

Alan Cron, Ed.D.



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