Danielle Hill comes in first at Poetry Out Loud competition

The following eleven participated in Poetry Out Loud on January 29

The following eleven participated in Poetry Out Loud on January 29.  Back, left to right: Alyssa Collins, Brian Leonard, Pearse McNally, Molly Garrity and PJ Butler.  Front: Danielle Hill, Vivian Nguyen, Victoria Pratt, Marina McCauley, Sean Vo and Hannah Millen.

The annual Poetry Out Loud competition was held on Wednesday night Jan. 29 in the lecture hall at the Rockland Middle School.

Mrs. Woodward who coordinated the event said, “I thought it  was fantastic. There was a good group of people; eleven is a wonderful number and a good length for the program. But beyond that every competitor did well. There wasn’t anybody that my heart had to bleed for. There are numerous people that are so strong that I would be happy to go to the semi finals with them!”

After each student recited two poems, one in each of the two rounds, junior Danielle Hill was chosen to be the one that Mrs. Woodward will be taking to the semi-finals on March 2nd in So. Yarmouth.

Danielle recited each of her poems flawlessly and although one judge suggested she project her voice a little more, she was judged to be the winner based on her poise and expressiveness.

Coming in second was PJ Butler, followed by Pearse McNally.  Click on this link to see a photo gallery of some of the performances.

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