Poetry Out Loud on January 29

Last year's Poetry Out Loud Contest: Chris Carchedi, Mrs. Amy Woodward, Pearse McNally, P. J. Butler, Joseph Palana, Lilly Margolis

Last year’s Poetry Out Loud Contest: Chris Carchedi, Mrs. Amy Woodward, Pearse McNally, P. J. Butler, Joseph Palana, Lilly Margolis and Miss Cahill. McNally and Butler will compete again this year along with eight others!

On Wednesday, January 29 at 7:00 in the RHS/RMS Lecture Hall ten students from the high school with be taking part in the annual Poetry Out Loud competition. The following  10 students are reciting the listed poems.

1. Sean Vo: “Falling: the Code” by Li-Young Lee, “Follow thy Fair Sun” by Thomas Campion

2. Vivian Nguyen: “Self-Portrait” by Robert Creeley, “When You Are Old” by Robert Butler Yeats

3. Victoria Pratt: “Early Affection” by George Moses Horton, “The Bad Old Days” by Kenneth Rexroth

4. Danielle Hill: “On Monsieur’s Departure” by Queen Elizabeth I, “The Enigma” by Anne Stevens

5. Pearse McNally: “The Lost Land” by Eavan Boland, “Life in Love” by Robert Browning

6.  Molly Garrity: “Poem about People” by Robert Pinsky, “When You Are Old” by William Butler Yeats

7. Hannah Millen: “Barter” by Sarah Teasdale, “Silence” by Thomas Hood

8. PJ Butler: “I am offering this poem” by Jimmy Santiago Baca, “Insomnia” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

9. Alyssa Collins: “After working sixty hours again for what reason” by Bob Hicok, “In a London Drawingroom” by George Eliot

 10. Marina McCauley: “The Rose” by Jean Valentine, “Dirge in Woods” by George Meredith

The winner of the contest will go on to the regional contest and compete against winners from other high schools.  According to Mrs. Woodward, director of Rockland’s competition, this is the ninth year that the competition has been held. Judging by the high number of contestants this year, it has grown in popularity each year.  Eight students competed last year and Chris Carchedi won the RHS competition. His performance at the regionals  in South Yarmouth  allowed him to advance in the State finals in Boston. This put RHS back in the finals for the first time since 2010.

Come to the lecture hall on the 29th to see who will follow in his footsteps!

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