Welcome to the Jungle!

by Jace Williams
The Rockland High Theater Guild’s first production of the year has been announced to be The Jungle Book by Monica Flory. It’s a play based on the book by Rudyard Kipling, not based on the popular Disney movie by the same name. While there will be no “Bare Necessities,” it will still be a fun production. The show will take place November 15 and 16 at 7 pm in the RHS Theater.

Baghera and Mowgli will be played by Alyssa Collins and Genesis Rojas.

Baghera and Mowgli will be played by Alyssa Collins and Genesis Rojas.

The auditions have been completed and the cast is set.

Cast List
Kites – Tiffany Vo, Shandi Austin, Nheillia Rouse
Father Wolf – Brian Leonard
Mother Wolf – Kayla Frazer
Wolf Cub – Sean Vo
Wolves – Chrissy Daley, Sarah Kane
Tabaqui – Grace O’Malley
Shere Khan – Chris Catania
Akela – Jace Emi Williams
Baloo – Olivia Ann Olsen
Bagheera – Alyssa Collins
Mowgli – Genesis Rojas
Funky – Catherine Chase-Crocker
Cheeky – Brittiana Garcia
Trout – Rebeca Portela
Kaa – Jackie Carlson
Messua – Nicole Cook

Stage Manager – Markus Rohwetter
Lights – PJ Butler, Ashley Pezzella
Sound – Lauren Illes
Costume – Meghan Foster
Props – Ella & Leah
Set – Danielle Hill, Tom Sweeny, Mike Dion
Front of House – Chris Lundy, Mikeala Burke


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  1. As always I am enjoying The Veritas. Excellent way to find out all that is happening at RHS. Thanks for all your work.

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