Shakespeare Festival returns to RHS this December

William Shakespeare once said “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Rockland High School takes these words into a whole new meaning with their beloved Shakespeare Festival.

An interactive performance celebrating Shakespeare’s famous poetry, the festival usually runs only once every four years. This year, however, students and faculty are in luck because the show will now be held in alternating years.


Students are still laughing about the last show in the RHS halls. The performance, held in the cafeteria, consisted of skits from Macbeth, Richard III, and even featured a sweet kiss between star-crossed lovers in Romeo and Juliet. Teachers and students participating were dressed in traditional Shakespearean attire and stayed in character the entire night. The audience was even featured in some of the court jesting: history teachers Mr. MacAllister and Mr. Smith even improvised some Romeo and Juliet for the audience.

The revamped festival will be held December 6th and 7th in a two part extravaganza, complete with promised refreshments and laughs. Ms. Woodward, Mr. Neal, and other teachers directing skits will hold auditions in the auditorium Tuesday through Thursday of next week.

Students taking part in the festivities will be eligible for a wide range of involvement: from playing the confident role of Julius Caesar’s Antony to the silent role of a ghost in Macbeth.

Students are also needed to assist with the lighting this year, as the festival will have two locations, the first half held in the cafeteria and the second half in the renovated auditorium. This will give the audience a chance to enjoy their refreshments in a true festival setting.

Mr. Bigsby, an English teacher at RHS, will be the jester once again, as his mischievous antics in the last festival would be tough to top. Rumors has it that Alec Donegan will assist him in his jesting as well. Mr. Retchless, Superintendent of schools, and Ms. Fleming, of the Family and Consumer Science department, will play the king and queen, and even Mr. Cron, RHS principal, will be the court sackbutt (trumpeter).

The script, teacher involvement, and a famous reputation are reason to believe students will not want to miss this year’s Shakespeare Festival. The only thing missing are students willing to fill the roles and put this performance in motion.

Students interested in being a part of one of Rockland High’s most celebrated traditions can pick up a script in Ms. Woodward’s room, 123.

Auditions will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Sept. 10, 11, 12 in the auditorium at 2:45 p.m. Interested students only need to come to auditions one of the three days.


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