Time to kick back for Mr. Flanagan

Following is an interview with Mr. Flanagan produced by Tyler Quam and Jaqweal Holit.

Tyler Quam, Veritas Staff

After teaching for 11 years at RHS Mr. James Flanagan, Social Studies teacher, will be going into retirement. With a  four bedroom house on an island in Florida, he says he is going to spend his days fishing, and relaxing by his inground pool.  Mr. Flanagan says he will be selling his motorcycle to history teacher, Mr. MacAllister and buying a boat. A free spirit in his younger days he says he’s “going to grow a ponytail and buy Lennon glasses.”

While enjoying all his classes, Mr. Flanagan says his favorite class to teach has been  AP psychology.  “Kids are really interested in a class like that because it’s so relevant,” he explained.

Students and faculty are going to miss Mr. Flanagan.  Junior Ryan Morrison has him first period and he described him as being ”such a chill teacher.”

History teacher Mr. Mac-Allister has been teaching across the hall from Mr. Flanagan for six years now.  When Mr. MacAllister first started teaching at RHS, Mr Flanagan helped him get acclimated into school and into the teacher  he is today.  Mac said, “I’m going to miss the motorcycle rides with him and Mr. Grimmitt.”

If you see Mr. Flanagan in these last days of his teaching career, be sure to wish him a happy retirement.

jim flanagan

Mr. Flanagan will be retiring from teaching on June 27th.                                  photo by Molly Hurley

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