New Class Officers Chosen for 2013-2014 School Year


Kaitlyn Sullivan, Molly Garrity, Georgia Panagiotidis, and Joseph Rizzotto, the class officers for the Class of 2014, at the Junior Prom.

Molly Garrity, Veritas Staff

As the school year comes to a close, class officer positions have been chosen for next year.  The senior class positions remained exactly the same as this past school year. The Senior Class officers are as follows: President- Molly Garrity; Vice President: Kate Sullivan; Treasurer: Joe Rizzotto; and Secretary: Georgia Panagiotidis.

In contrast to the seniors, both the sophomore and junior classes will have a very new set of officers. The sophomore class elections came down to a run-off between Haley McCray and Ryan Palmer. The class elected Mr. Ryan Palmer to be their new sophomore class president. Mr. Rowe says Ryan is “a well liked kid who will look to motivate his class to the next level.” Caitlin Yanizzi, Abby Kinlin, and Shawn Carney will also serve as officers for the 2013-2014  school year.

Nicole Cook was elected the new class president for the upcoming junior class. Student Government advisor Mr. Greg Rowe has a high regard for Nicole’s leadership. He explains, “Nicole has been involved in student activities since she came to RHS and I’m sure she will expand upon that.” Pearse McNally, Dennis McPeck, and Alex Pigeon will also serve as officers for the junior class next year.

With a new set of officers it is important not to forget the leaders who served before these. Former class presidents Haley McCray and Katie Delorey deserve praise for their hard work and dedication to their classes. Mr. Rowe comments, “Katie and Haley are super-stars; they will still have a major impact upon this school.”

Past, present, or future “It’s a tough job for anyone” – Mr. Greg Rowe

Class of 2014

  • President- Molly Garrity
  • Vice President – Kaitlyn Sullivan
  • Secretary- Georgia Panagiotidis
  • Treasurer – Joe Rizzotto

Class of 2015

  •  President – Nicole Cook
  • Vice President – Alex Pigeon
  • Secretary – Dennis McPeck
  • Treasurer –  Pearse McNally

Class of 2016

  •  President – Ryan Palmer
  • Vice President – Abby Kinlin
  • Secretary – Caitlin Yanizzi
  • Treasurer – Shawn Carney


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