Improvements bring long awaited NEASC accreditation

Principal Alan Cron, left holding banner, announced to the School Committee that RHS has been accredited.  With him are teachers, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Grimmet, Ms. McDonough, Ms. Paulding, Mrs. Patton and Mrs. Thompson.

Principal Alan Cron who is on the left holding the banner, announced to the School Committee that RHS has been re-accredited. With him are teachers, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Grimmett, Ms. McDonough, Ms. Cahill, Ms. Paulding, Mrs. Patton, Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Rowe.

Devin Gilmore, Veritas Staff

After six long years of waiting, the time has finally come.

At a May 2nd faculty meeting Principal Alan Cron informed the faculty and staff of RHS that Rockland High School has now been fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

NEASC is responsible for the accreditation of over 2000 institutions in the New England region, in levels ranging from pre-K through university. The accreditation process uses key values of self-reflection, peer review and best practices to evaluate each school.

RHS has been on probation for the last six years, but this year school officials received a report from the NEASC’s Commission on Public Secondary Schools (CPSS), commending RHS for its auditorium, robotics lab , main street, and many more renovations that “enable students to achieve 21st century standards.”

The official announcement of Rockland High’s accreditation to all school officials and to the general public was made at the May 20th School Committee meeting. “The Rockland High School staff has done two years of work in six months,” said Superintendent John Retchless. “This is a great night for Rockland High.”

The proud superintendent also acknowledged that the credit for this should not solely be given to the recent renovations, but also to the faculty’s work in core values and curriculum.

After the announcement, the meeting quickly transformed into a celebration of Rockland’s latest achievement.

Principal Cron welcomed some of the teachers directly involved with the work toward accreditation to stand with him so that he could acknowledge them for their time and effort in each meeting.  These included Mrs. Patton, Mr. Harden, Ms. McDonough, Ms. Cahill, Ms. Paulding, Mr. Grimmett, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Rowe and Mr.Murphy

He also shared his conversation with Robert Littlefield, chair of the committee responsible for ending the probation, in which he was told “the committee was pleased with the work done and the school committee’s work and resources,“ and that the decision was made unanimously.

A banner was presented during the meeting that represents RHS’s accreditation by NEASC. Plans have been made to hang the banner somewhere toward the front of the building, to showcase Rockland’s continuing prestige.

As the chaotic construction of Rockland High School comes to a close, this accreditation has reminded the community of the pride and importance accompanying our recent improvements in “a banner night for Rockland.”

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