“Hand me the scalpel please!”

Tyler Quam
Veritas Staff

Imagine you are in school and your teacher plops a pig heart on your desk and gives you a scalpel instructing you to dissect it. Welcome to Sixth Period Anatomy class.

With the newly renovated building the Science Department now has more opportunities to provide a hands on experience with the material they work on. This term Mrs. Armstrong’s Anatomy class is getting a full experience of dissecting. The students in class have dissected different parts of pigs and chickens and even the eyeball of a cow. Recently, they dissected a pig heart.

Students’ reactions vary. “They think it’s either really gross or really cool,” explained Mrs. Armstrong.

A cow's eye socket and eye ball

A cow’s eye socket and eye ball

Some do complain about the stench of the preservatives such as formaldehyde that fill the air but senior Joelle Bowman doesn’t mind dissecting. She explained, “I like dissecting because it’s interesting cutting into those things.”

Meghann Sullivan with part of a cow's eyeball.

Meghann Sullivan with part of a cow’s eyeball.


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