Looking to support your class? T-shirts, blankets, chipotle for sale!

Dawn Bille  Veritas Staff

Recently, the classes of RHS have been participating in many fundraisers with hopes to raise money for their grade.

The freshmen class just finished selling their t-shirts with their YOG on them: 2016. At this week’s Student Government Meeting, freshman President Abby Kinlin, decided on a new fundraiser. The freshmen class is planning to organize an Earth Day. They are hoping to help clean up different parts of the town.

Sophomores have their hands full with fundraisers. Right now, they are selling Mass Pass Entertainment Books, which have coupons to all the hot-spots you love. They are also selling quarter zip Rockland bulldog sweatshirts. Another fundraiser they have arranged is a Chipotle night in March. Sophomore President Katie Delorey is expecting a lot of success from these fundraisers.

Veritas staffer Joe Rizzotto shows off the junior class' Bulldog blanket.

Veritas staffer Joe Rizzotto shows off the junior class’ Bulldog blanket.

Junior President Molly Garrity has many fundraisers that could interest you. The junior class is selling Bulldog blankets for thirty dollars. They are perfect for supporting the football team on a cold night, the hockey team in the rink, the baseball or softball teams on chilly days, and track meets on cloudy days. They are even perfect for sitting at home watching TV. Get yours today! Also, make sure to sign up for their left-center-right(LCR) tournament. And of course, you can’t forget to buy a Bulldog Nation t-shirt being sold.

The senior President Jill Krish is planning on selling “We Survived Construction” t-shirts in January, for all grades. There will also be long-sleeved senior shirts for sale with Tyler Lewis’ creative design.

As you can see, all grades, 9th-12th have big plans for fundraising. Help them out today!


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