Chris Herren Assemby

Chris Herren captivated RHS students with his life story aimed at showing the horrific effects of addiction.

Victoria Pratt,  Veritas News Editor

Eighteen years ago, Chris Herren was a basketball superstar with a promising future. Eighteen years ago, Herren believed that he wouldn’t be a substance abuser; that he only drank and smoked marijuana and that it wouldn’t hurt his big future. He was wrong.

Now, an eye opening public speaker, Herren goes to schools across the country, telling his story, and hoping to help one person each time to avoid drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behaviors.

At a Rockland High School assembly on September 26, Chris Herren spoke and, for once, there was silence in the auditorium. All were listening to his gripping account and tears streamed down the faces of those who were deeply touched by his story. Others were so captivated that they could not move their eyes off the stage, except of course when a cell phone went off while Herren was talking about a phone call he received about his football player friend’s murder.

Read full story.


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