Chris Herren speaks to RHS students

Chris Herren spoke for over an hour to RHS students on Wednesday about the substance abuse that nearly cost him his life. The details of Herren’s 14 year battle with cocaine, oxycontin and heroin addiction held the attention of the high school students who packed the RHS theater during periods 6 and 7.

The Veritas will report on the presentation and student reaction in the October issue, due out on October 11th.

Veritas editor, Leah O’Bryan interviews Chris Herren before the assembly on Wednesday. photo by Madalyn Maloney

Prior to the assembly, Herren sat down with Veritas editor, Leah O’Bryan. The tape of her interview will be shown on this website.

Students prepared for Chris Herren’s presentation which kicked off Rockland Cares’ Week of Hope by wearing purple in support of Project Purple to stand up to substance abuse.

RHS seniors, Mikaela Dion, Kayla Meech, Tyler Lewis, Macayla Sheehan and Molly Hurley attended the presentation by Chris Herren on Wednesday, September 26th.


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  1. Can’t wait to see the October 11th story in the Veritas. I was impressed with Chris Herren and his recovery, but also impressed with RHS students and their response to Chris’s talk. Let’s hope, as Chris says, that his talk touched just one student. I think he did more than that.

  2. Leah’s interview will be on this website on Friday.

  3. Great interview by Leah O’Bryan of Chris Herren. Very well done!

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